Denis Zhbankov

CTOFull Stack Engineer

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Passionate and open–minded person, who embraces infinite self–improvement and education.

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  • Startups
  • Executive or senior roles
  • TypeScript, React, Node



Badges could be seen at StackOverflow's Developer Story.

  • HTML5: 99th percentile
  • JavaScript: 98th percentile
  • React: 97th percentile
  • CSS: 97th percentile


In 2018 (going to improve until 2020). On a scale from 1.0 to 9.0:

  • Reading: 9.0
  • Listening: 8.5
  • Speaking: 7.0
  • Writing: 6.0


Master of Business Administration

Oct 2018 today (until Jun 2020)

Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

Institute of Business Studies

Entrepreneurship and Corporate Management


Specialist in Mathematics and System Programming

Sep 2005 Jul 2011

GPA 4.47 from a 5.0 scale

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics


Specialist in Information Security

Sep 2007 Jul 2010

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Military Training Faculty


Additional Courses

May 2012 Jul 2012

  • EDU-IBM-R08: Writing effective use cases
  • EDU-SS-01: Domain modelling for creating business regulation documents and technical requirements

Interface Ltd.

IT Training and Consulting Center





  • Placement: use cases, scenarios, workflows
  • Plan: strategy, goal & risk management
  • Tasks: Asana, Jira, YouTrack, magnet board
  • Sprints: plannings, meetings, retrospectives
  • Tests: unit, e2e, A/B, usability
  • Analysis: SQL & PLSQL, UML | BPMN | IDEF


  • Branching models
  • Design patterns
  • Best practices
  • Code review


  • Candidate interviews
  • Communication
  • Motivation



  • Academic: C, C++, C#, Python
  • Production: JavaScript, Java


  • VC: Git, SVN
  • ECMA: 5+
  • Types: TypeScript, Flow
  • Transpilers: TypeScript, Babel
  • Bundlers: Webpack, Gulp, Browserify
  • Packages: Yarn, NPM, Lerna, Bower


  • Frameworks: Node, Express
  • DB: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Neo4j
  • Tests: Mocha, Chai, Jest, Supertest
  • Cloud: AWS, Heroku, Kubernetes


  • Frameworks: React, React Native, AngularJS, Knockout
  • State: Flux, Redux, Saga, Thunk, Context
  • Styles: PostCSS, SASS, LESS
  • Tests: Karma, Protractor, Selenium
  • Visualization: D3, SVG, Three.JS
  • Realtime: WebSockets, SSE, Socket.IO
  • UI: Bootstrap, Blueprint,, NativeBase


Head of Frontend

Jul 2017 today

  • Code review, mentorship, planning, scrum meetings.
  • New projects' UX and architectural decisions.
  • Implementation of the most complex ideas and components.

SMMplanner | Company

Marketing and social media services.

Lead Frontend Engineer

Jan 2017 Jul 2017

  • Best practices advocate.
  • Mentorship for colleagues.
  • Job interviews for candidates.

Pronto Media | Holding

The holding owns a few popular job search and general classified ads sites in Russia.

Full Stack Engineer

Sep 2014 Jan 2017

  • Fully interactive mobile–friendly 2D (SVG) and 3D (WebGL) charts.
  • Black–Scholes model calculations done with my own open–source Angular module.
  • Realtime market quotes from the local Interactive Brokers' terminal through

Option Toolbox | Hobby

Online risk assessment and hedging toolbox for options traders on US stock exchanges. Initially created for myself as a much more user-friendly and functional replacement of a broker's software, but exposed to the public lately. The project was under active development when I was using it almost every day to manage my own portfolio. Also has a blog, where I had occasionally posted some relevant thoughts and ideas.

Full Stack Engineer

Jul 2014 Jan 2015

  • Introduced flexible user–defined tags instead of predefined classification (tag relations and weights are stored in a graph database for handy search and suggesting).
  • Ability to add a desired map area to the search criteria (e.g. to find nearest offers).
  • Full i18n, live FX exchange quotes and UI translation on the fly.

Private Ads | Hobby

Classified ads place with additional features, intended to level up the usefulness of a service. The project is currently turned off as a consequence of the time and advertisement budget underestimation. [closed]

CTO, Full Stack Engineer

Jan 2014 today

  • Truly realtime market app (no page reloads, powered by
  • Highest level of complexity among all my apps until then: SQL/PLSQL part alone is ~5000 lines of code.
  • More then 500 backend, frontend and end–to–end tests (including multiple oauth–autorized users trading assets and communicating through, done in several browsers.

Gigman | Startup

New way of concert organisation which delivers lowcost tickets. Instead of usual fixed price tickets customers will get an exchange–like service. The project was postponed a few times, but currently is on its final development stages, so hopefully will be launched soon.

Lead Java Engineer

Feb 2013 Apr 2014

  • Adapted an internal primary framework for the modern Java and Oracle (moved forward a few major versions).
  • Proposed and started to use Knockout and later Angular instead of jQuery.
  • Was complimented for the best UI among new internal projects.
  • Outside of work created for analysts a friendly wrapper around Jira (which was also extremely outdated) with extra functionality.

OJSC Trading System Administrator | Corporation

TSA runs the wholesale market of electric power in Russia (roughly similar business to stock exchanges).

Business Analyst

Oct 2011 Feb 2013

  • Proposed and initiated a move forward from IDEF to UML and BPMN, which eventually led to a company–wide business process review and optimisation done in BPMN only.

OJSC Trading System Administrator | Corporation

TSA runs the wholesale market of electric power in Russia (roughly similar business to stock exchanges).